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Look no further than Atmos Superspeciality Hospital for all your healthcare needs, where world-class medical care meets personalized attention.

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"Vision is not just about seeing, it's about living life to the fullest. At our eye and retina clinic, we strive to provide the best possible care to help you see and live life to the fullest."

    Dr Neha Khanna

    Eye & Vitreoretina Specialist

    Our Service

    What Service We Offer

    Advanced Eye Care Services for Clear Vision and Healthy Eyes.

    Complete Eye Services

    Comprehensive Care Tailored to Your Vision Needs

    Experience a holistic approach to eye health and visual clarity. Our comprehensive eye services cover everything from routine examinations to advanced surgeries, ensuring your eyes receive the best care possible.

    Fundus Examination

    Deep Insight into Eye Health

    Our precise Fundus Examinations allow us to assess the intricate structures at the back of your eye, aiding in the early detection and management of various eye conditions, even before symptoms emerge.

    Intravitreal Injections

    Targeted Treatment for Eye Conditions

    Utilizing advanced techniques, we administer Intravitreal Injections to deliver medication directly into the vitreous, effectively treating retinal disorders and macular degeneration with minimal discomfort.

    Cataract Surgery - Painless / Suture Less- All Type Of Lenses

    Regain Clear Vision Effortlessly

    Our painless and sutureless Cataract Surgery options, combined with a variety of lens choices, ensure a seamless experience and improved vision, leaving you free to enjoy life’s moments without limitations.

    Retina Services / Surgery - Alcon Constellation 23G/25G/27G

    Advanced Retinal Care for Enhanced Vision

    Trust our expertise in Alcon Constellation Surgery to address complex retinal issues with precision. Benefit from smaller incisions and faster recovery, leading to improved visual outcomes.

    Glaucoma Services

    Nurturing Optimal Eye Pressure

    Our specialized Glaucoma Services focus on preserving your vision by managing intraocular pressure, offering both medical and surgical solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Trauma / Emergency

    Swift Care for Eye Injuries

    Accidents happen. Count on our dedicated team for immediate attention to eye traumas and emergencies, ensuring the best chances for recovery and minimizing lasting effects.


    Cutting-Edge Imaging for Accurate Diagnoses

    Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) provides high-resolution cross-sectional images of your eye, aiding in early disease detection and monitoring treatment progress with unmatched precision.

    Fundus Photo

    Capturing Clear Insights

    Fundus Photography enables detailed documentation of your eye’s interior, assisting in tracking changes over time and guiding our treatment strategies for optimal eye health.

    Retinal Green Laser

    Targeted Laser Precision

    Our Retinal Green Laser therapy offers a focused approach to treat retinal conditions, promoting healing and preventing further deterioration in a safe and effective manner.

    Nd Yag Laser

    Precision-focused Laser Solutions

    Nd Yag Laser treatment addresses posterior capsule opacification after cataract surgery, swiftly restoring clear vision and enhancing your visual experience.


    Understanding Eye Fluid Dynamics

    Gonioscopy helps us assess the drainage angle in your eye, crucial for managing glaucoma and maintaining healthy intraocular pressure levels.

    ROP Screening & Management

    Expert Care for Our Youngest Patients

    We specialize in Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) screening and management, ensuring the best possible outcomes for the tiniest members of our community.

    Applanation Tonomentry

    Accurate Eye Pressure Measurement

    Applanation Tonometry enables precise evaluation of intraocular pressure, aiding in the diagnosis and management of conditions like glaucoma.

    Perimetry / Visual Field

    Mapping Your Visual Territory

    Perimetry assesses your visual field, helping us detect and monitor conditions that affect your peripheral and central vision.


    Corneal Insights for Enhanced Clarity

    Corneal Topography maps the curvature of your cornea, aiding in contact lens fitting, evaluating corneal diseases, and preparing for refractive surgeries.

    B.Scan / Eye Ultrasound

    Penetrating Deep into Eye Structures

    B.Scan Ultrasound provides valuable insights into the deeper eye structures, aiding in diagnosing retinal detachments, tumors, and other hidden issues.

    Fundus Flourescein Angiography (FFA)

    Illuminating Blood Flow for Precise Diagnosis

    FFA uses contrast dye to capture detailed images of your retinal blood vessels, helping us diagnose and manage various retinal conditions with accuracy.

    Modular Operation Theatre

    Cutting-Edge Surgical Environment

    Our state-of-the-art Modular Operation Theatre ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and technology for safe and successful eye surgeries.

    Computerized Refraction

    Advanced Refractive Precision

    Computerized Refraction offers a precise and efficient way to determine your eyeglass prescription, leading to clearer and more comfortable vision.

    Slit Lamp Examination

    Microscopic Detail for Comprehensive Diagnosis

    Slit Lamp Examination allows us to closely examine the front and back of your eye, aiding in the diagnosis of a wide range of eye conditions.

    Paediatric Ophthalmology

    Nurturing Young Eyes

    Our Pediatric Ophthalmology services focus on the unique visual needs of children, ensuring healthy development and addressing any concerns that may arise.

    Contact Less Clinic

    Safe and Convenient Eye Care

    Experience our Contactless Clinic, where you can receive expert eye care with minimal physical contact, ensuring your safety and well-being.

    Squint Surgeries

    Restoring Alignment for Clearer Vision

    Our Squint Surgeries correct misalignment of the eyes, improving not only the aesthetic appearance but also enhancing visual coordination and comfort.


    Your Journey to Better Health Starts Here

    Booking an appointment at Atmos Superspeciality Hospital is quick and easy. Click on the ‘Book Appointment’ button or call us to schedule your appointment today.

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    Monday - Saturday

    Zirakpur, Punjab

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